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Groovy Bath Ultra Oatmeal Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

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Ew, that smell. Can you smell that smell? Great lyrics for a song but not so great when they are singing about your dog, right? How many dogs have you pet that made you rush to wash your hands right afterward? You know the one, that loveable, little furry guy that loves attention but smells like an old wet sock. Yeah, you remember him...don't let your dog be THAT dog!

There's not much worse than a smelly dog. The odor gets in everything, in your furniture, in your carpet, in your clothes, in your bed...I mean everything. Even when you leave your house, you can still bring that dog smell with you. Have co-workers left hints on your desk at the office? Maybe an air freshener just shows up on your desk, or a surprise dog spritzer? I know...a little extreme, right? … um, maybe!

Oatmeal, It's MORE Than What's For Breakfast

At Bubba's Rowdy Friends, we know dog odor. Bubba's Groovy Bath Ultra Oatmeal Shampoo Plus Conditioners is a soap-free spa quality shampoo that replenishes essential oils needed to maintain a healthy coat and skin, leaving your pets itch-free, clean, and with a shiny coat. The shampoo lathers well and rinses easily, making the bathing process quick and easy. The natural fragrance is wonderful, so-much-so that your co-workers may ask you if you are wearing a new perfume. Use once a week to see, feel, and smell the difference. And as always, you get our Hassle Free Money Back Guarantee. If you're not happy, we're not happy.

What Our Groovy Bath Dog Shampoo Will Do For You

  • Spa Quality Oatmeal Shampoo
  • Pharmacist Formulated To Be Safe & Effective
  • Formulated For Healthy Coat And Skin
  • Contains Natural Oils, Vitamins A, D And E
  • Soap, Detergent, And Alcohol Free
  • Shampoo Relieves Itching And Scratching Caused By Flea Infestations & Dry Skin
  • Works For Skin Allergies, Odors, Dandruff, Oily or Sensitive Skin
  • Smells Wonderful
  • Made In The USA


GROOVY BATH DOG SHAMPOOS PLUS CONDITIONERS is a total pet coat care shampooing solution formulated to make your pet's skin and coat healthy, soft and shiny by replacing essential oils through the use of concentrated natural organic plant extracts, oatmeal, vitamins A, D, and E and other proprietary blend of cleaners, and conditioners. Our one-of-a-kind spa quality pet odor eliminator hypoallergenic grooming formula has been a top rated choice for groomers nationwide. It's safe, gentle, and effective and it works and smells wonderful. It will work to soothe, moisturize, and relieve skin allergies, oily or sensitive skin, eliminate common outdoor odors, dandruff, and other hair care or skin conditions, while nourishing your dog or cats coat to be thicker, shinier, and healthier looking without the use of harsh chemicals, leaving your pet fresh and clean days after bathing.

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We Make Our Products For Our Pets, Too ... Natural, Safe, and Effective!

Bubba's Rowdy Friends custom formulates and optimizes the most effective natural pet products for your pet and we have many great reasons to buy from us. We are a fast growing company because we make fantastic products and treat our customers with kindness and respect. A customer-first shopping experience has always been our goal and we pride ourselves in our comprehensive policies that have elevated our company above and beyond our competitors. Experience Bubba's Rowdy Friends -shop with us today see for yourself.

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Bubba’s Groovy Bath Oatmeal Shampoo

Q. Is this shampoo safe to use with topical flea treatment and not wash it off?

A. Yes, our pet shampoo has been formulated to be safe for use with pets that have topical flea treatments.

Q. Is this a dog shampoo and conditioner?

A. Yes, this shampoo not only cleans but is also a conditioner that moisturizes using several unique essential oils and fruit extracts.

Q. Will it work on dry itchy skin?

A. Yes

Q. What does it smell like?

A. Cherries. We use cherry tree extract as one of the ingredients. Your pet will smell wonderful for days.

Q. Will it help repaired my pets damaged coat?

A. Yes, professional groomers use our shampoo because of the benefits our ingredients offer to repair damaged coats and relieve the itchy skin associated with it.

Q. How Often Should This Ultra Oatmeal Shampoo Be Used?

A. This will depend on your pets coat and skin condition. If your pet has dry Itchy skin, coat allergens, really thick coat or has issues with insect bites, we recommend bathing once a week. Vets recommend bathing twice per month for normal coat and skin care.

Q. Does This Shampoo Contain Soap?

A. No, none of our shampoos contain soap or detergent as recommended by groomers and vets.

Q. Can I use This Shampoo On My Puppy or Kitten?

A. We recommend this shampoo not be used on puppies or kittens under the age of 12 weeks.

Q. My Dog Has Skin Problems, Will This Shampoo Be Good For Them?

A. Yes, this is the best formulated shampoo on the market for dogs with skin issues. This formula was optimized by a pharmacist who worked in conjunction with vets and groomers to create a premium spa quality pet shampoo that addresses the most common issues pet owners face with their dogs and cats grooming needs.