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Bubba's Rowdy Friends healthcare collection features natural remedies custom formulated by our staff pharmacist to guarantee safe, highly effective treatments for common ailments for our pets. All of our healthcare products are made in the USA with all natural American ingredients. We import nothing for our products! Our custom formulas have been tested and optimized to be safe and effective for your pets. No animals are harmed in the manufacturing of Bubba's products and we NEVER test our products on animals. You can always feel good about buying a Bubba's Rowdy Friends product!

$ 15.95 $ 34.95

Groovy Bath Ultra Oatmeal Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

$ 15.95 $ 34.95

Ew, that smell. Can you smell that smell? Great lyrics for a song but not so great when they are singing about your dog, right? How many dogs have you pet that made you rush to wash your hands right afterward? You know the one, that loveable, litt... Read More

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